Monday, 9 December 2013

The Seven Giant Dwarfs of Indulgence and Spenditure

Garbage, Rubbish, Junk, Litter, Debris, Waste and Scrap.

Re-Cycling (courtesy of someone else)
Today's blogpost is a little moan and a sigh...

Who on Earth teaches children to throw their food wrappings, cigaret packaging, drink bottles and other stuff in the street instead of in a bin?


Where did people pick up that habit of infesting our world with filth instead of being mindful and holding onto their junk until the nearest bin appears and it can go in there instead of out of it? Well, they didn't pick it up in the bin because that is seemingly foreign ground...

Even so, it seems the bin in many cases has been within reach and yet the garbage is littered just few feet away. It really hurts my eyes and my heart that there is so little consensus for using bins instead of the big space around them.

When did we agree on this meaningless wasteland of rubbish to be the standard learning environment for young people, grown-ups, adults, seniors?

A little thought and thinking here, please.

With pleasure comes mindfulness - when we enjoy we also contribute. Or have I got it all wrong?

I don't think so.
It is a shame and the shame is on us in our society and our communities.

Binned Water???
I grieve for the Earth as I pick up one piece after another on my 5-minute walk from Sainsburys to home, the road is littered with McDonalds packaging, cigaret packs, chocolate wrappings and other items that should be in the bin. As I extend a regretful glance toward the retail park I sigh and dig my hand full of other people's junk into the bin - and... let it go.

Even if I picked it all up the road would be the same tomorrow. BUT this is where we start - with our own consciousness, for me - I start with myself!

So that was my little heartfelt moan.

On the other hand, the day was beautiful, the grass was green, and we have Litter Heroes amidst the trash!

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