Monday, 19 August 2013

Jack my swag!

Evolution of language...

The New Scientist states the following about language:
Linguists define language as any system which allows the free and unfettered expression of thoughts into signals, and the complementary interpretation of such signals back into thoughts. 
Our minds are amazing and awesome!

To be able to do JUST that and then change what other people say, write, express, suppose, think, etc. and develop it into something new - it is just beyond fantastic.

For a bit of hip chat it is advisable to engage in top convos with young people who totally speak the Urban Dictionary lingo.

Yeah. I don't quite speak it... Just saying - in case you didn't notice...

It is fun to play with language!

After a week with my lovely mum and her very advanced crosswords I learned a lot of new OLD words and latin phrases I will never use in conversation but how sad it made me to think that young people will probably never know the extent of language and its expansion over hundreds of years. But then they have the opportunity to extend and expand it in ways still unimaginable.


This weekend no one followed troop when the word was 'I dare you to...dip in the ocean' except for us two - but what does it matter if people don't 'jack your swag'? It only means a bit of individual power and nonsense that only you buy into ha!

Or perhaps a bit of competitive 'don't think you can dare me' consequential attitude...

Praise individuality - that was the reason I showed up on my first day of 6th Form, barefoot and black nail varnish.

No one saw that coming and no one saw it catching on in the posh Frederiksberg Gymnasium.

Oh well - you win some, you lose some and in the end it is all about being comfortable in own skin and letting the swag-jackers do what they do best in the world of fashion statements.

Language is here to stay in whichever shape it develops - as is black nail varnish but that is an entirely different story...

I dare you to go Gibberish!

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