Monday, 26 August 2013


One of these word-things again...

Er, no.

Well, yes, but only because it is writing and therefore it is with words.

Initially, however, I thought of bringing up all the things about my draft blogs and why they remain drafts etc.

But then I thought of the word 'draft' and 'draught' and my mind drifted off to the thought of wind sweeping through the creaky windows in old houses.

Alas, this is not about any of those things. It is in fact the past tense of to drift.

I drift, I draft, I have druft.

No? Well, it could have been if no one checked the dictionary or other books for word origins.
So let me keep it at the past tense of 'to drift'.

This is only a thought up idea and complete nonsense with a bit of a chuckle in the background as I am smilingly writing these sentenses.

And why not? Why not I may ask again? Can we not make up words just like any other slang-swirling swinger who joins words and make up language progress. Why not 'normal' words with new bends and twists?

So back to draft.

My thoughts draft as I sat down to focus on serious admin stuff... Yeah, I can see why drifted is a much better word cos it may seem I have a drafty mind.

Alright, let me return to what it really is about. Drafts. The sketches that remain sketches because the outcome is yet to be completed.

I was looking through my documents, my scribbles and all my glossy plans of passionate writing. The only thing that sprung to my mind was 'Get on and finish the work!' instead of keeping drafts floating all about with ideas instead of realisations.

So much babbling to get to the point, wouldn't you agree?

The point is that I have so many ideas - so many ideas that are still ideas after all these years of thinking them up. I talk about taking action in my trainings and my workshops, and I do take action but I leave the toughies for later. Later being 'a timeless draft'.

Sincere apologies to everyone I have involved in my endless ideas and to those who have been involved in endless drafts and booked in the diary's One Day or Some Day.

The only way to move forward is to openly and officially stating the commitment and committing to taking the spoon in the other hand (Danish for 'turn over a new leaf').

I am ready to act instead of react! Are you?
All you good folk, I am ready for change! Are you?

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