Monday, 29 April 2013

Short and Sweet on Steam Drawings!

Hahahaha I could not stop laughing!

After a perfect weekend ending with a soaked walk on the beach we sat in the car chatting and chuckling like two teenagers.

Our wet coats were hanging over the head of the seats and dampness seemed unavoidable, and as we were deep in conversation and discussions on life the car steamed up. It was not easy to look through the windows and then...

He started drawing in the steam...

It was just the funniest thing and I couldn't stop laughing! Sitting in the car, the inappropriateness of the images, our laughs - it all reminded me of being a child and giggling away at all these rude things that we were not supposed to know about, let alone draw pictures of... It even reminded me of driving with my dad when we were kids and sat in the back. We would draw and write on the windows and he did not like it because as he said, the drawings would still be there next time the windows would steam up... This thought made me howl and the car seemed full of bubbles!

And the thought got me in stitches on The Telephone Laugther Line at 7am Monday morning.

We may not all have the same sense of humour but as long as we open our minds to laughter magic is bound to happen.

All I'm saying is keep your childlike spirit high, play with your imagination, and take no offence. Be open and fun-loving, and life will flow. If you are a manager you don't have to be serious to gain respect and achieve, if you are a parent you don't have to be serious to gain respect, if you are anyone who grew up...well, you don't have to be serious to and gain respect and more importantly to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

I'll miss these little moments until next...but the thought of it will keep my laughs tickled and I am a creator of precious instances every day!

Imagine... Love life - love laughter - love you!

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