Monday, 4 February 2013

Unicorns are real!

There are few things better than stepping into the sunlight after a good night's sleep, knowing it is a day off to wander about and re-discover the world...

...that was how Sunday started.

It is about letting bewonderment touch our lives and I will make it a short one today - with a smile on my face when thinking about the hidden (or hiding) wonders.

When we stop believing in new days, adventure and magic we stop believing in our dreams and our childhood heroes, present visions and aspirations.

Looking at the rainbow and wondering if this one actually has an end and if there is a leprechaun there with a pot of gold and miracles - well, even if you think I am away with the faeries, you have to admit that it is fun to play with what was true in childhood.

We even tell these stories to our children - that is why they live on - and that is why they are real!

Unicorns, fairies, rainbows, leprechauns, and love at first sight - perhaps they are not visible to the naked eye but they are all real in the world of positive.

Whenever we make a shooting star wish, when we turn the coin the right side for the next person to get a bit of luck, when we wish for the best for everyone - that's our little bit of magic which makes all other fairytales true.

I am not saying to live in a dream world, but merely to strive for the best and most magical in every moment. Imagination and feet firmly on the ground along with a positive attitude can move mountains and build castles. I believe it is important to maintain a playfulness that allows us to imagine our world as we want it to be because that is the path to making a difference.

Perhaps your unicorns are called something else in your life but let's face it our actions sprinkled with a a little hope, joy, perseverance and love is a receipe for miracles in real life.

You feel it when you live it - the moment, the magical now where life happens!

May the wisdom of thousands and thousands of years of mystery guide your footsteps now and forever.


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Kathryn Kimmins said...

Lotte, What a wonderful blog especially for my birthday. I just loved it! Happier days are here again.