Monday, 31 December 2012

Applepie & Custard

Coming to the end of another year... 2012 is almost out and it is time to celebrate the months well left behind and the new year to come! Exciting!

For many people this year has been a challenge, a great learning curve, and a year full of ups and many downs, and if you are through 2012 with the skin intact on your nose (or is that a Danish way of saying 'survived') then it is definitely time for applepie and custard!

What a great way to express victory! Perhaps your 'applepie and custard' is a glass of champagne or a roast dinner or a walk on the beach but whatever it is, it is an expression and winning attitude of 'we made it!'.

It may have been a great year for you or it may have been full of personal and professional challenges.

If you read this, then we are both still here no matter what went on and went down and went up and even sideways and backwards!

What a year!

And if you are not quite sure what to make of 2012 and how to enter 2013, well, eat your pie and live your dream.

A new year, new hope, new dreams, new beginnings, new love, new life and shortly a brand new Spring where every little thing that has been waiting  and waiting... Everything is ready to unfold.

What a wonderous and awesome world we inhabit!

Time to activate the gratitude channels and remember what is worth bringing forward.

Cheers to applepie and custard! and cheers to a new year full of new challenges, bumps, successes, love, great health, happiness, joy, friendships and wonderful families - most of all, good times!

Happy 2013!

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