Monday, 5 November 2012


17th December 2011 - few days before Winter Solstice
We are still some weeks away from Winter Solstice - the time of the shortest day and longest night.

Winter Solstice, a time for reflection!

My reflective mood has already kicked off or kicked in - although I am very very often in a reflective moor this seems to be in a different way than the (sometimes) lighter way I usually reflect.

It was a birthday reminder that brought memories to my mind and a tear to my eye - a friend who passed much too early three years ago. Bringing up thoughts of my loved ones who have passed.

And it happens all the time. Except it affects me differently when it is people I know, but that's just me...and you may feel the same way...or you may not.

Every time the world is touched uncontrollably by nature, as with the recent Hurricane Sandy, I always wish I could do some more than praying for the affected people and sending distance healing but that is what I do. However, when 'my people' are touched by dramatic changes in family, friendships and other important matters, I am ready to go on a crusade for love, health and justice.

Losing someone we love and care about is a huge deal and it doesn't get smaller with the years. Only the way we cope changes, and it becomes an everyday occurrence of a thought, a smile, a tear, a cry, a laugh, a reflection, a memory.

The festive seasons when memories are often strong is when the loss feels greater, like Yul Tide or Chrismas - as well as this time also being the dark, cold season.

This experience is no different for me than lots of other people I am guessing.

However, it is a time to celebrate what we have, what we had and what we are creating from the warmth and depth of our hearts. Time to let go of the troubled memories and look at the good times we had, bringing them into the present moment for the celebration of life.

My good friend was stabbed and nearly murdered two years ago which brings back some solid memories of grief and sadness, upsets and anger. She lived to tell the tale and although this time of year is a reminder for her of some hefty nasty moments, she is grateful every day for surviving and she makes the most of this life from a generous place.

If something is dragging you down - is it worth holding on to? Remember the good times, the good things, the good people, the good 'stuff'!

Embrace the light within every moment and every memory!

That's what our future is made of!

Just reflect on it - after Winter Solstice comes the time for renewal and for refreshing ideas!

Bring it on, 2013 - way beyond 21st December 2012!

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