Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Laughter Blog - back on track...

And so it happened that a few years passed without blogging - although, FaceBook status writing often has taken the shape of a minor blog... So much to say in such a little space!

On with it! Blogging, yes.

What is it all about - The Laughter Blog?

My original idea was to share with anyone who would incidentially drop in any thoughts on laughter and how to embrace a joyful way of being in a society that is hugely dependent on the opposite - even with a highly focused community agenda stating happiness and health is top priority!

Well, I am not a politician and able to say what is in fact being done, but instead I know what works for me, how to deal with challenges and take action - I would have made a terrible politician...

Laughter, then!

The message is clear - laughter brings us together, no matter background, perspective, ability etc.

For that brief moment we laugh, we connect and are at peace.

Then why is it that so many of us choose not to laugh and by saying that, I really mean 'choose' because it is a choice.

The trouble is, though, that most of us don't see that but rely on circumstances to dictate out outward expression and therefore remove the responsibility from the self.

'Make me laugh' - how many times have I heard this... and how many times have I replied by telling people that I am not here to make you laugh, I am not a comedian, I am only here to inspire you to find your inner sparkle and joy, and to express it as a big laugh!

How can that possibly be possible?

I believe the challenge is to find a way of laughing when there is no one around to make us laugh and in that way laughing becomes a conscious choice.  Even if there is nothing to laugh at we still have the deeply ingrained ability to laugh and feel joyful - how you do it is what is the initial hurdle...

For 14 years I have known about Laughter Yoga, and I have practiced it for 10 years.

What is great about Laughter Yoga is that it is an expression that is not based on religion, politics, background, ability or any other profitable onsets - it is purely a way of exercising those inner chuckle-organs and become joyful from regular laughter.

By exercising I mean 10-15 minutes as a minimum and by regular, I mean daily.

But... who wouldn't want that?

With all the different types of positive thinking alerts, attraction of the Universe, thoughts become things etc. - we are all looking for something that works!

Laughter Yoga works!

It is not a cure all but it comes pretty close...

Through daily practice of Laughter Yoga and the different breathing techniques taught through the Laughter Yoga teachings your mindset changes and once your mindset changes, the world around you start to change.  Not necessarily because it changes physically, however, through your changed mental attitude the world is becoming a tad more inviting, inspiring, nurturing, exciting, evolved around the joy you are beginning to feel sprout inside your being.

Wow! it sounds like I'm on a mission to spread laughter - and guess what!?!?! I really am cos I know what it means to me - but it is your own choice.

Have I repeated any of my past words from past years' blogs? If that's the case, please bear with me while I get up to scratch on my writings and start where starting needs to be started.

Wishing you lots of laughter and longevity!

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