Monday, 17 March 2014


I exclaimed fiercely just at that very moment when I answered my phone. The phone went silent and I realised I had just let my initial reaction to being cut off in traffic be expressed as I picked up the phone - my unknowing client was at the other end...

Laughing as I was explaining the traffic situation on the M1 I felt completely rediculous as this is what I teach in my Laughter Yoga Coaching and Laughter Yoga Training classes... Don't get affected by traffic, just laugh it off or speak Gibberish.

Hahaha - even Laughter Yoga Professors have their moments!

The beauty in the awkwardness is that people understand perfectly well these situations and the awesomeness in the moment is that we can all let it go and laugh it off.

Besides, even if traffic does get the better of me, there is no reason why I can't be polite and instead of a frustrated 'WHAT!?' perhaps take a deep breath and play with it while exclaimin 'Snurfy bubchi zook!'.


It is definitely more fun when we play with life and everything life is and everything we make life mean.

Less stress, less upsets, better health, better mood, more fun, more play, more love, more laughter - improved quality of life altogether.

Choose Gibberish and choose laughter - today!

Why? Because you are worth it (as they say) plus the fact that people are people and not sheep.

And remember today is also tomorrow and the day after etc. - it is always worth noting that when you arrive tomorrow it is today!

Finally, no matter what, the traffic doesn't move faster just because you wave a fist and shout profanity at it - worth remembering...

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