Monday, 3 February 2014

A day late... and a lot of apologies...

So I had this thought of trying to blog a day later because it is one of my things... being on time...

Funny that.

I learned about this whole hooohaaa about personal and professional integrity which includes being on time and in a timely way a log time ago - and it has kinda stuck to me.

I believe I may have mentioned it in past blogging over the months but it seems to come back to haunt me on the odd occasion.

Good thing is, I get less uptight about it now than I used to (honestly!!!) - although sometimes it seems my buttons get pushed more than others but that is a while ago (honestly!!!)...

So. What is it about time and being on time?

Well, first of all, it is about respecting other people's time and not just! but also the self-time - and it is also about missing out on important stuff that happens for everyone on time.


Even if the person being late may seem completely stressless upon arrival, there is no doubt that being late has an effect on everyone including the 'perpetrator'.

By the way, please read this knowing that I have a smile on my face. I can't help laughing thinking about the past few weeks where I have been made fun of for having a time-strickt gene but I suppose as a teacher/tutor/trainer there is a certain truth in being time-static - it still makes me grin, though, because it is true about me.

I have always had plenty of time to get somewhere when going somewhere but somehow I have always been dealt people who have been totally laid back and I think I have been the one stressing them by tapdancing around trying to get them on their way. I do apologise ever so much for causing stress to other people - no matter what the cause may have been in the past.

While writing this I feel there is a lesson for me hahaha...

The thing about this whole topic is that it is intriguing to think about where in our lives we may be to laid back or may be hung up about things that are not really important.

And does it matter if we are in fact comfortable in our own skin?

Whether people are late or not does not prevent the on-timers to kick off their planned schedule.

And at this point, I would like extend my apology to everyone who has ever waited for me and my own lateness.

You are all alright and I love my people who are on time as well as my people who are late - there is a bit of it all in me, too, and we all get there in the end - with a little help from our friends!

Luckily I can laugh at myself for having this element of stressiness in my life which is otherwise (mostly) stressfree.

Yup, goes to show, I AM human after all.
And aren't we all - early or late?

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