Monday, 4 November 2013

Homage to Friendship.

1974 Thorvaldsenskolen Class 1a
We are a sum of lots of different elements of the life we lead and live and yet we are not all that at all...

My past with all the ups and downs and mainly wonderful memories came into my mind big time this week and I was reminded that sometimes holding on to things that need to be let go is a way of holding onto something that is a moment of the past and best left there even if it is a great past in the present.

That may not make sense but that is okay - it is just my mind-toggle that is currently working overdrive-frequency on this topic.

Sadness when you say goodbye to people and things that really have meant the world in the past is a natural way of the grieving process and it is what made me think about this whole past subject and how it impacts everything we do - if we allow it.

Friendships happened in the past and they happen in the present.

2000 Ottar's virgin trip - vikings of the past in the present
My memorylane is full of precious images spent with my wonderful friends and some of them I have been fortunate to maintain even after moving country but on occasions time catches up with friendships - the moments they burst or come to a halt.

I experienced one of these changes and it saddened me to the depth of my heart. Distance had put a friendship in a time capsule for a later revisit or maybe never again.

Good friends will always be in my heart and I will probably shed loads of tears over the absence of the fun, laughter, love, tears and times we have not spent and that I thought we would spend together in the future.

Letting go of what we think is our make-up is a daunting thing and it is okay to keep holding onto when the make-up is willing to stick... At times it is time to let go.

Everything happens for a reason and when it happens it is that moment the reason became a reason.

You always have a place in my heart, my friends, new ones and old ones - those from the past and those from the present.

Those who said 'goodbye' and those who said 'hello'.

No matter what, I will always be there if you need me - I may not be just around the corner but I am only a phonecall away.

You are my homies!

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