Monday, 7 October 2013

The day we all grew up?

One for the road and one for the teenager - Haribo is just too good
How amazing it is to be a witness to the whole growing up process - not just from a personal perspective because somehow that experience tends to only show its face when thinking back to 'how it was when I was young' so it is moreso from a perspective of someone who plays a vital part in a young person's life - a mum or a dad for example.

I'm not a dad so for me it has to be as a mum (helloooo, Captain Obvious!).

And so it happened that my little girl turned 18 - last week, last Tuesday on 1. October 2013. An adult with adulthood benefits as well as responsibilities.

The touching moment when you know you can still say 'be careful out there' but you are no longer as in charge yourself as you used to be up until 17 years and 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minites and 59 seconds plus a whole lot of milli, micro, split and nano seconds.

However, the day we grow up is not when we turn 18, it is maybe not even when we become a parent but it happens so subtly in those years between 0 and 18 that we may not even notice it - that is the 0 to 18 years of our children, not our own age. Because what is more important in these 18 years than to maintain a glossy overview and keep calm and collected in all situations that may occur at any time. Calm and collected?

But, let's face it, who is grown up at 18 anyway?

Hopefully for everyone, we manage to maintain a tiny fraction of the fun loving and playful side we much to soon grew from when we became invincible teenagers, and somehow stored away for years until at a much later stage we manage to dig it out and become grown up children who can laugh and play in later life.

That's me anyway - and that's what Laughter Yoga did to me - or rather I did to myself by taking on the promise of change that Laughter Yoga presented to me so many years ago. Wow! 

Dreams are made of Laughter Yoga and a bit of glitter, rainbow dust, shooting stars and lots of unicorns, our favourite superhero, and kisses.

That's what my dreams are made of - and every day they grow even brighter and more glorious!

It is AWESOME to dream!
It is even AWESOMER to live the dream!

Never give up! Never surrender!

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