Monday, 3 June 2013

'You only get wet once'

Tyres, eh?

Had a blow-out on the M1 last week when driving up for a lovely loved-up break in Yorkshire. That was Bank Holiday Monday, mind you, and tyre shops are not that keen on getting out on days off...

RAC-Chris politely came to the rescue and eventually after I'd nudged him in the thought-direction of Kwik Fit a few times we ventured off in opposite direction of North Duffield - he kept saying they were not open and I kept saying let's check if they are, and they were open and had a tyre for me (this is not an advertisement by the way). Woopeedoo!

Chatting in the van on the way to Matlock for tyre change he was talking about his work and how he really enjoyed the RAC work. However, lots of his colleagues would moan about location for the rescue or the time for the rescue or - the weather...

His words really stuck with me. He said, 'I always say to them 'you only get wet once'' - and isn't that just perfectly true?

I started pondering on that sentence and it applies to so many areas in life. For every opportunity you pass by, for every moment you think too much and don't take action, for every missed call - just remember, the risk is only once!

'Little Things from my Life'
Only a matter of stepping outside of your comfort zone to create a bit of magic in life, and guess what - a bit often becomes a lot and that is where it doesn't matter if it felt uncomfortable at first because the reward for stepping out or stepping up reallly pays off.

Sometimes it takes longer than a moment but it is worth the wait for an extraordinary life.

Just think for a moment, about your life - where did you ever say 'no' because of opinions, conditioning and your own non-stop radio station?

Sometimes it takes longer than a moment but it is worth the wait for an extraordinary life.

I will wait forever for love because I know it's true. I will go the extra mile for the work I know is worth the while. I do what it takes and if it feels right in the gut - what is the worst thing that could happen?

So remember the wisdom of the RAC, 'You only get wet once'.

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