Monday, 13 May 2013

12 months!

The Laughter Blog started in 2007 with great intentions and only 3 blogposts until ... May 2012!

I have now officially been writing for 52 (maybe 53) consecutive weeks, weird thoughts, experiences, blurb, blabla, quantum ideas (maybe), strange mind finds and other jibber-jabber, bursting out mind-happenstances in a wealth of mumbo-jumbo.

What do you think? Some weeks are more appealing than others but that is okay because at the end of the day it is just life viewed from one perspective, mine, although it is with a hope of opening other great minds to finding opportunities and possibilities in life in order to roll out extra-ordinarity!

The bottom 3 blogposts were all written in the first month the blog came back to life in May 2012:

A Thought on Possibilities and Love... 16 views 15/05/2012
Cultivating play - especially for grown-ups! 18 views 28/05/2012
The Laughter Blog - back on track... 26 views 10/05/2012

When I re-read them I thought they were pretty neat but then I read through a lot of the posts and thought, 'wow, did I really write all that - my mind must be a rather strange place'...

And then there were the top 3 blogposts:

The Hollister Experience 93 views 15/10/2012

In between all those stories came the stories of purpost, statement that Unicorns are real, flood alert, carers week and mentions of lollipops and hoolahoops - oh yes, it has been an exciting year and my writings have definitely inspired me to look deeper in myself and what triggers thoughts outside the ordinary - or is there in fact no 'ordinary' when it comes to thinking?

I hope you have enjoyed a bit of the wordiness now and again, and will continue to read the posts whether you find it interesting, amusing, annoying, irritating, mind-opening, mind-closing, mind-boggling, just plain weird - please feel free to comment, too.

In good hopes, with 5,103 views in the bag and moving forward to new mind-horizons hoping to be accompanied by your curiousity...

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