Monday, 17 February 2014

Just a word or two on laughter or something like that

Ha ha and then some he he he or perhaps even ho ho ho ho!

I would even go so far as to say hruf hruf hruf... but that is kinda advanced laughter...

So anyway.


I have had the privilege to laugh with a great variety of people for the past many years and the past week all these different people seem to have been embedded into the groups I had some great laughs with in just a few days.

Of course that is not true because every single person is an individual and it is simply the fact that my week was manic in terms of laughter work and I loved every minute I spent laughing with fantastic people ranging from business professionals to cancer support groups to teenagers to young stressed-out people to vulnerable women to people who wanted to learn and then there was the laughter club people. And this reminded me of all the wonderful people I have met over the past many years of laughing for life.

Oh yes, what a wonderful week full of fun and laughter as well as challenges and rainy weather!

How is it that laughter is made out to be so amazing?

Well, first of all - it is not just 'made out to be amazing', it simply IS amazing and totally awesome in the way it touches us all.

No one who gives laughter a chance can honestly say it doesn't work. Truth.

However, it is easy to say no to laughter because it is a safe place to be when that is the only know place. There is comfort and safety in the known even when it is not great.

People have walked out on my workshops and trainings in the past because 'it was not for them' but I don't take offence, I feel great compassion because I know it is not easy to leave the familiar and try something a bit edgy - something that challenges confidence and requests removal of inhibitions and the well-known 'what-so'.

Yes, I know all about that and I salute every person who has made it, and also those who didn't quite make it but at least gave it a go, but no one can say it is not right unless it has been tried.

That is of course in my opinion.
And deciding based on reading a book does not count!

All I can say, and I may have said it before, is...

Laughter Yoga has changed my life.
Laughter Yoga can change any life.

I laugh therefore I am.

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