Monday, 25 November 2013

Love is just a four letter word

Weed and seed  - another few beautiful four letter words!
A four letter word is defined to be a word that is coarse or offensive... effing and blinding in those one-syllable terms.

Doesn't it seem great though that nice words are also numerous and maybe even more so than the 'bad language' ones?

Words such as good, love, life, true, give, care, ease, mate, wish, kind, home, Moon, star, hope, play, free, epic, dear, luck, glad, soul, hero and lots of other amazing words that inspire with their simple four letters, keeping us motivated and cheerful.

My heart is bursting with the feel-good sensation all these words create and I wish for the miracles of them all to flow into your life, dear Laughter Blog reader, as well as the lives of those who don't read these thoughts but who are touched by four letters every day, touched by life.

Amidst baubles, icicles, past events, one-syllable words, and confidence discussions it seemed that the essence came back to one thing, love.

Irrespective of what goes on for me, there is no way I can change another person into being the way I would like - this is probably one of the key reasons why some relationships failed in the past, because I wanted so badly for the other person to be like I wanted the other person so badly to be... But it really isn't how life works, is it? Or how love works...

Acceptance, compassion and unconditional love!

Being in the flow of life.
Flowing with life.
Living on the tide of life.

There is nowhere more enriching to be in life than in the space of trust and honesty.

That goes for friendships, family, work relations, and that true love connection.

Se here we are, 2013 drawing towards the end of November and soon towards the end of the year and has anything changed in the way of perceiving life?

I'l like to think so.
Every day represents new life, new beginnings, new ends, new love - and even if all of that is still the same as yesterday, well, it is still brand new and fresh.

Look at life with bewonderment and awe every day and I guarantee that these four letter words will flow like magic in every area of life. 'Flow' - another wonderful short word.

Joan Baez 'Love is just a four letter word'.

But it isn't just a four letter word - it is a positive four letter word.

So, live your life...
...and laff!

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Linda Nightingale said...

Thank you Lotte love this, each word will lead back to love. Love make(s) the world tick. XXX