Monday, 14 October 2013

How long is short?

I bet we are all guilty of using the expression 'juuuust around the corner' from time to time - or have done in the past.

Whether it is that place we are going to, or being late for an appointment... we are juuuust around the corner or 5 minutes away even though the timer says 10 or 15 - always certain that we'll make it within the 5 minutes.

No excuse, though.

Why not be honest and apologise for being late or having miscalculated the time and distance? It happens in even the best of families (another Danish expression? or just another expression)...

So how far is a short distance?

Does it matter when it is taking us where we need to go? I guess it is just young people's wish to be there NOW that created the 'Are we there yet?' when it comes to going places in the physical realm. 

Sometimes, though, it is as if time is on a stand-still when short is really long. The wait! Waiting for results, for that one thing, event or person that this 'short distance' has been all about.

Don't give up. Please don't give up when there is only a short distance, it is within reach and you are the one person that makes it happen.

The final push, that drive that keeps the spirit going is what it's all about - no matter how long the short distance seem to be. The trust and the belief that everything will come together as wished for.

Even when the end result may look and feel different from the initial request - well, we don't always know what's best for us until we get what really is the best, and perhaps we were not quite specific enough with our wishlist when we entered to soul supermarket and decided for that unique experience which was only a short distance away.

It doesn't matter.
With what we have we can make it all that was ever perfect.
Your own Universe of uniqueness and special perfextion.
Be happy here and now - happiness is not a strive.

My life is brilliant...

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