Monday, 18 February 2013

...and then there was commercialised love!

But it doesn't matter because love is love and Valentine's Day, however commencialised it is, it wonderfully romantic when a bunch of flowers comes knocking on your door with a message of love.

All the past nagging about business making their money on people's emotions vapourises into thin air when roses lure you with their gorgous scent and beautiful, bobbing heads, lulling you with their innocence and fragile fragrance.

The special thought on a romantic day is all it takes to forget about the times apart, the moments of insecurity, the misunderstood words, the reasons, the waiting, the thoughts just disappear and drown in the sea of love and total understanding.

So - once more, the Monday blog has shifted into a blog of love but isn't that enthralling in itself. Love is not just for Valentine's Day, love is for the now and exists in the moment - even when I had a different thought in mind!

We can laugh, dance, sing and play! and all of these activities make us more susceptible to love and all it holds in store for us. The unconditional surrender to something that is a bit bigger than the 'bigger picture' we often try to fathom.

A Little Chocolate Love
The special instance between two people - the moment in time and space where none of these dimensions exist, soul mates, soul sisters, soul brothers...

That is all we are, souls among the myriads of quantum particles. Soul to soul.

Be love!

You may hurt sometimes but the multitude of pleasures completely outweigh any pain in any relationship - that is, of course, in my opinion. I never grow out of letting myself submerge in total surrender to love and to my 'one and only' because how can you talk about unconditional love if you cannot embrace it yourself.

Besides, any hurt is only created by the reasons, meaning, drama and stories we make up to justify being 'wronged', the thought of 'I'll NEVER open my heart again' or 'I won't let go fully because then I have nothing more to give' or other really (in my opinion) STUPID ways of holding back on something so precious to share.

No tip or trick or trap this week just a warm and unconditional wish of all the most wonderful things in life for you and you loved ones!

Be alive in life - and love will grow.
...or love and you will be alive in life!
Love really is all there is. Honestly!

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