Monday, 10 December 2012

Just an observation.

If you read my posts regularly you may have noticed that it has been quite serious stuff lately (perhaps with the exception of last week about 'styling it out')!

Yet it has been about grabbing life and living it with panache and power. About seeing the humour in life and living it light-heartedly. About letting go of 'stuff' that wears you out. About values and appreciation. About lots of things you already know.

So, where was I? Oh yes, laugh along with living - there is nothing better than starting the day on a laughter-high, except perhaps on a love-high but that is a different story and different blogpost, what are you waiting for?!

Take a deep breath into your whole body, drop your jaw and let the belly sounds out, HA HA HA HA! Does it matter if anyone stares? I bet they wish they knew what you know.

Share what you know about laughter and life, give people the gift of a joyful perspective, it all comes down to not feeling precious about it all or too self-conscious in your sharing of the key to longevity with laughter.

Share your laughter and your smiles with the world!

Holding back serves no one and especially not you. So many people crumble because they hold back instead of letting themselves be their own self-expressed natural beings.

Getting back to being serious now... that was not the intention in this blog post. How to get back?!

Laugh, giggle, chuckle, grin, guffaw, smile, smile, smile.

I noticed my neighbourhood people when I was walking up shopping on Saturday morning, it was a beautiful and cold morning, but it didn't seem to matter because the sun seemed to bring out the best in everyone including their smiles.

For the first time in the 11 and a bit years I've lived in the UK I was not the one initiating a smile with walk-passers, they smiled just as much.

I could see the smiles on their faces from a distance and it was just such a life affirming and joyful moment in time to know that other people smile, too, out of free will, and not always because I smile first - although it mostly helps...

But these spontaneous, uninhibited smiles embrace the beauty and abundance in the day.

Smiles are fantastic and contagious, wear a smile and go viral!

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Nicholas Bishop said...

Some people transmit an aura that can be very big. It can be felt at distance- the happier you are the bigger the radience- In your case Lotte- the radience is huge!!xNick