Monday, 12 November 2012


Begin each day as if it were on purpose! 

The purpose note sits just above by screen to catch my line of view when I raise my gaze to find inspiration.

Start with good intention and follow through - that's what it's about... It is not a thought but a feeling that is carried with you throughout the day, every day.

Everyone makes a difference in the lives we touch whether it is a positive or a negative we pass on and it takes 10 positives to outweigh a negative - at least that's what I heard years and years ago - so why not try the positive and not even needing to counterbalance any negatives?!

It struck me as we were going through the past week of Laughter Yoga Teacher Training that our society is full of senior people who have little but bingo as a regular activity week in and week out. Nothing wrong with bingo, by the way, it is just that it doesn't really move people and circulate them fully...

That is why it is so inspiring to hear every Laughter Professor's vision to create a different present and future through the use of Laughter Yoga.

We are the generation who is next in line for the that really the outlook?

Get off your bottom and make every day count, make that connection with others and smile that smile of hope, reaching out with love instead of worry and concern. We are connected, advantaged, courageous and everything without 'dis'! We can overcome the unimaginable with ease and help each other remove 'dis' - when we trust and believe.

Miracles in every step.

I may have been carried away a bit in my praise of what is available to each and everyone of us but after a week of total trust in this process I have no doubt that there is opportunity, possibility and probability in this world.

Remember that people have gone there before us.

If no one is there to hear, see or learn - will it make a difference? Oh yes.

My everyday purpose is to spread peace, love, smiles and laughter! What is your purpose?

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