Monday, 14 January 2013

The Frozen Coffee Experience

Frappucino, iced coffee, orange mamba latte, creamy island coffee, cappuchino on the rocks, coffee cooler, mocha smoothie and so on...

Paying dollars, euros, pounds and pennies for frozen drinks when all you need to do is turn your heating system off and let the environment do the rest. It is surprising how fast a coffee cools down when the heat is off in winter.

Coming back from a week of amazing training of the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training programme. A journey through the un-noticed corners of the self and a space for allowing the personal development realm to unfold. Wow, you may think it's all about Laughter Yoga - and it is!

But it is s.o m.u.c.h m.o.r.e.

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is more than just three days longer than the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training - you could almost say it is a lifetime longer!

On a total high of endorphins and other great chemical reactions coming back to a stone-cold house with no heating or hot water. One can argue that a scream of dismay would be a great reaction but with laughter bubbling inside and memories still warm and fuzzy it is not the first choice of outburst on the radar. However, the challenge of no heat in the British winter is one to sort no matter the frame of mind...and preferrably most urgently!

Typing on the keyboard with gloves on, wearing coat, hat and boots is an idea for spending the day but in all fairness, the less favourite one in my book.

Now, after having warmth develop into the coldness of the house I can sit back and think about the freezing experience, that ended on Saturday afternoon, and start a heart-warming exploration of the many blessings the thought brings up.

All the things I often take for granted are in essence great and magical things in life that not all inhabitants of this Earth can experience on a daily basis, not even on a regularity that for me seems natural in my world.

I my heart and mind I wish for my blessings in life to extend and reach out to those who are in need and could do with some of them - perhaps even more than me.

Warming my hands of a nice hot cuppa this Monday morning I feel a deep sense of thankfulness and gratitude towards life and all its wonders.

Thank you!

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