Monday, 17 December 2012

Carers week!

Innocent people lost their lives this past week, others were injured violently, and still many more were hurt in a way that only few can fathom because most of us have not had the personal experience with weapon crime and losing dear ones in this brutal way.

Based on my friends story a few years ago, her and I came up with a campaign against weapons, 'Knife Crime is Life Time' but it doesn't single out knives as the only weapons that cause severe grief.

The crime, for the survivors, is for life. No matter how much you try to forget, how many hours of therapy, how many spiritual healing sessions, no matter how much you say you forgive - the memory will always be there.

Yet, we get on with life!

My friend is one of the most courageous people I know. Two years on from the brutal stabbing that nearly took her life she is still coping with her ups and downs and with knowing that her stabber could be out in less than three years.

Why do people confine to violence in what seems to be perfectly idyllic places? What tips the load?
Is it just becuase we hear more about it than we used to 50-60 odd years ago so it seems worse now? And the films we watch allow for new ideas of violent behaviour? Or is it in the food and drinks?

Lets face it, our foods and drinks really are stashed with additives with numbers and codes that only pharmaceutical geniuses can decipher and decode. What is it that we eat and drink? What makes us addicts to unhealthy life styles?

And could those additives and GM based changes in fact be affecting our mental health and wellbeing in ways that have not even been considered because the testing of products doesn't account for our individual make up and individual DNA with or without defects...??? How ARE we impacted by substances we don't even know from real life?

I'm sure all of this has been covered in lenghty reports and been commented on in various blogs and news flashes, but in essence I am just emptying my head which has in all fairness been buzzing all weekend. Urging to keep the high spirit and positive outlook without coming across as superficial in a time when people need nurturing and care at a deep level. We are all looking for comfort from each other and a view as we move on and maintain the positivity in our efforts to conquer bad attitude and mental health challenges altogether!

Years ago when asked about the appropriateness of laughing on 11th September anniversaries and other tragedy anniversaries, Dr Patch Adams said that if there was ever a time to laugh it is when we are faced with adversity, tragedy, terrorism, war and other serious crimes agains humanity. This is the time to not falter, the time to keep our spirits high and believe that all good will win in the end.

Laughing doesn't make events less serious, and there is always a time for grieving and respecting the tears and mourning, but laughter does help you move on in life and connects you with those who care.

Let's raise the energy, keep our ligths strong and our hopes high, reminding ourselves that we only lose when we give up. The love and healing we summon, through thoughts and prayers, is for the people who suffered tragic losses last week, the people who suffered in the past and the people who have been hurt badly through time whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Our global energy of light and love raises the vibration and resonates throughout the Universe to create the change we need - even if it seems far-fetched or perhaps even a slow return on investment. What is there to lose?

Let's care this week!

Let's care again next week, too!

I am a Laughter Ambassador  - and caring is what I do!

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