Monday, 25 June 2012

I pledge to stretch.

Last week I read a comment saying something to the extent of '...strain your imagination to find a solution...' and it got me thinking - again.

I would prefer to 'stretch' my imagination, first of all because it doesn't feel like it will ache at some point as well as being endlessly outreaching, and secondly it leads me to the topic of this weeks' blogpost...STRETCHING!

What a fantastic word, stretching, it almost tells a story of how things can be stretched and expanded and unfolded and extended.

Think about it.

You stretch your arms and your whole body when waking up and make space for lots of new energy, thoughts, oxygen, ideas and so on and so forth.

An automatic inhalation takes place when stretching and you fill your lungs with fresh oxygen that circulates your body in an detoxifying way and leaves you relaxed upon the exhalation of stale air, carbondioxide and stuff.

Stretching is a superb way of extending your exhalation as well as stretching your muscles, tendons, ligaments, veins, arteries - all the anatomy-things you have inside your body, plus your imagination. Stretching, I might add is also a natural way to finish any exercise routine. However, the kind of stretching I mainly refer to in this context is the spontaneous stretch that often comes with lenghty inactivity and when waking up.

And your energy-body stretches equally. Reaching out to spread freshness and vitality.

Back to the air issue - cos this has indeed relation to laughter and Laughter Yoga.

In Laughter Yoga you stretch with a 'reach-for-the-sky' inhalation and allows the oxygen to fill you and nurture your cells.

You fold at the waist when you exhale which presses out more of the old stale air (basically toxins and carbondioxide etc.).

Repeating this cycle means that the space for fresh oxygen expands when more old air leaves the lungs - a new healthy breathing cycle has begun!

Woohoohoo and aaaaaahhhhhh!

When I think about stretching it also focuses my mind on life, reaching out and letting energy surge through my whole being. It is a wellness action that goes well with yawning that also extends the exhalation.

With stretching there really is only one outcome... Feeling good in bones and tissue!

Wishing you a wonderfully stretchy week delivered with an extended exhalation of love and laughter from me to you!

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